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The Patent Pending Ez Fade Clipper Guard

We have a solution to speed up along with making the fade haircut process easier.  The goal of the Ez Fade Haircut Guard is to make the process of giving/receiving a haircut popularly known as a fade as easy and customizable as possible.  The 2 parts that make up the Ez Fade Haircut Guard work in conjunction to achieve this goal.  This is all possible by having a channel on the “attach” in which it allows the “guard” to slide to progressively to make the hair longer. 

Usually the barber, or whomever is giving the fade, must switch out the guards often to make the fade.  They start with the low guards and progressively change the guard to make the hair longer.  The Ez Fade Haircut Guard removes the bothersome process of switching the guards so often.  There are three different ways to use the Ez Fade Clipper Guard. 

The first way would be to slide the guard as you work your way up the head.  Start at the bottom of the hair with the guard all the way in and as you work your way up, slide your finger forward to expose the guard gradually longer. This technique is best for beginners who do not have experience with blending the fade. 

The second way would be to keep your finger in the ring and hold the guard at a set length.  You can hold the guard at any length and do the fade by blending the hair instead of sliding the guard to create the fade.

Another way would be to use the optional stopper clip. This clip can get set to certain desired lengths going up in 0.5 increments from a no. 1/2 guard to a no. 3.5 guard length.  This way you do not have to switch out guards to cut at different lengths. You simply slide the stopping clip until it catches on the next notch. 

The Ez Fade Clipper Guard is only 1 guard that the person giving the haircut needs to make a fade.

The first part that is a part of the Ez Fade Haircut Guard set is called the “attach.”  This part is what attaches directly to the clipper head.  On the front of the "attach" there is openings for the clipper teeth to lock into.  Once those are in you push the back of the "attach" up to clip it on the back of the clipper head. 

The “guard” is made to slide onto the “attach” and have a smooth movement back and forth.  While the “attach” is in a fixed position on the clipper head, the “guard” slides in a channel.  There are stops placed so that the operator does not expose too much of the clipper’s blade.

Extruded off the side of the “guard” is a ring to insert the operator’s finger into for easy movement of the “guard.”  All aspects of the “guard” that touch the customers head have filleted edges.  This allows for smooth surfaces that are touching the object being cut. 

The fins on the “guard” hold the object being cut a desired distance away from the clipper blade.  

The Ez Fade Clipper Guard is "The Only Clipper Guard You Will Ever Need."