Ez Fade Guard | Invention To Make Fade Haircuts Easier | Use Finger Ring To Extend Guards Length

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The Ez Fade Guard is a game-changer for those looking to achieve a perfect fade haircut. This Guard is specifically designed to make fade haircuts easier with its patent-pending sliding mechanism.

  • Innovative Design: The only guard in the market that's specifically made for fade haircuts.
  • Easy to Use: The ring for operators' fingers allows them to extend guard length seamlessly and comfortably.
  • Precise Cutting: Set length notches at no. 1-3 lengths and integrated stops at 1/2 and 3.5 lengths make cutting with the Ez Fade Guard accurate every time.

This Guard is made of high-quality ABS plastic that ensures durability, making it the perfect addition to your haircut supplies kit. With its "Fade Clipper Guard" comb type, it's ideal for adults who want a perfectly faded haircut without any hassle or fuss!

  • Pack Type: This product comes as a single item pack type, making it easy to store in your grooming kit or travel bag!

If you're looking for an effortless way of getting an impeccable fade haircut every time, then do not hesitate! Order your Ez Fade Guard today- Proudly made in the US!