About Ez Fade Co.

Why I created EZ Fade Haircut Guard

Before COVID came around, I would go get my hair cut at least once a month. The FADE hairstyle is very popular with men, so of course that is what I desired. While in quarantine, I had my mom and other family members try to give me a FADE Haircut like I usually get done at a barber shop, but the results were awful. So, I put my creativity to work and designed a haircut guard that would make it easier for the FADE haircut to be achievable. The guard I designed comes in two parts to make it possible for one guard to make the FADE effect. The EZ Fade Haircut Guard makes it easy for inexperienced people to give a fade, but is also a huge time saver for  professional barbers.  When doing a Fade haircut you have to keep switching guards from short to long. This is a  tedious process which takes a lot of blending to make it look 'clean'. The EZ Fade Haircut Guard slides back and forth to achieve the short to long FADE look WITHOUT changing guards. On the side of the guard is a ring for your finger.  This allows for easy maneuverability back and forth. We believe that this guard will revolutionize the way a FADE haircut is done. Thank you for your support and hopefully I can help lots of men have a 'clean' FADE.

How to Use

The EZ Fade Haircut Guard can cut from bald to a no. 3 guard.  To do this, you put your finger in the ring on the side of the guard.  As you work your way up the head you slide your finger up to expose more of the guard.